A visioguide in three sign languages at the Musée Magritte Museum

In order to celebrate the birth of the Magritte Museum  visioguide in 3 sign languages ( subtitled FR, NL, ENG) and to underline the possible enrichments between the worlds of deaf and hearing people, Educateam is pleased to welcome the choreographer Michael Descamps and his dancers who will perform three extracts of their coming show entitled
We are happy to  share this moment with you on the 2nd of Juni from 2 PM to 5 PM at the -2 level of the Magritte Museum.


At the initiative of the French Federation of the Deaf in Belgium (FFSB) and Educateam, the educational department of the museum, a visioguide was created in three sign languages and the three corresponding languages. This to celebrate the fourth anniversary of the Magritte Museum in Brussels.

The visioguide is a touch screen presenting 21 works by René Magritte in the sign language of French-speaking Belgium (LSFB), the Flemish Sign Language (VGT) and the International Sign Language (ISL). Each sign language is respectively subtitled in French, Dutch and English, so that all visitors -deaf, hearing or with hearing loss- can use it. The project was realized by FFSB in collaboration with Arts & Culture, Educateam and SignFuse and with the support of the Elia Fund and SAMSUNG.

An original and attractive tool
Six deaf guides, two of which know the Belgian-French sign language, two the Flemish sign language and two the international sign language, were coached by Educateam and the organization Arts & Culture, which aim is to make culture accessible for deaf people. Full of creativity and original ideas they worked on an attractive route. This visioguide aims to go simply beyond providing information about René Magritte. On the technological support provided by SAMSUNG drama, poetry and guided tourintermingle.  In this form qualitative individual and group visits are possible.

A determination to be accessible
Over the past fifteen years Educateam has strived to make the collections of the Royal Museums more accessible by providing guided tours in sign language and by the well-known narrative walks. The sign language program of Made to Measure Museum/Educateam, part of Educateam, makes you experience the Magritte Museum in a radically different way during the "Poetic walks". These take place in utter silence and are thus accessible for the hearing and the deaf. Launching of the visioguide is a new step in the effort to offer a greater accessibility. From now on, any deaf visitor can visit the Magritte Museum unexpectedly and completely independent. This tool positions the museum again in the heart of Europe and meets the needs of deaf foreign visitors. The Magritte Museum is the first museum in Europe that offers a visioguide in three sign languages, including the international sign language.

Sign language finds its place

The sign language of French-speaking Belgium and the Flemish sign language are  recognized by the French and Flemish communities, respectively in 2003 and 2006. By integrating them in the visioguide, these languages deserve the place and the visibility they deserve like any other full-fledged language (not as nonverbal code or mime).

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