3. Cut-out (6-14)
Click on the picture to download the drawing.
Age group: 6-14

Equipment: Printer, thin paper, coloured paper, silk paper, magazine pictures (for the background), scissors, glue.

Method: Print the silhouette on thin paper.
Fold the sheet of paper in four and cut out tiny triangles and other shapes along the two folded sides.
Fold the sheet again in half and cut out more small shapes. Repeat this as many times as you can.
Unfold your paper and cut along the outline of the silhouette.
Use the glue to stick it onto coloured paper, an image found in a magazine or silk paper. You will get a great result!

  • To cut out a maximum of shapes, unfold your paper and fold again lengthwise in different places each time. Cut out in all the spaces where you haven't done it yet.
  • If possible, print the silhouette on A3 paper. This will make cutting a lot easier.
  • If you prefer not to cut the silhouette at the end, use the paper as background for a collage.
  • You can also draw your own silhouette and imagine funny clothing with your special cut out paper.
The example of Magritte:

The Enchanted Domain (detail),
Casino Knokke, 1953